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Rosland Row

Rosland Row is a full service digital marketing company providing web design and web development services, logo design and branding, social media management, SEO planning and maintenance, content and copy production, and more. We will build your business' online platform from the ground up. Click below and let's get started.

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Over 74% of consumers said they judge a company's credibility by its internet presence. And 94% say their judgment of a website is design based. How is yours?

In 2019, for the first time in history, consumers accessed the internet from mobile devices more than from a computer. Is your site responsive?

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Have you had your website audited recently? We will provide you a free site audit that assesses your site's performance, optimization and SEO. There is no obligation and no required meeting with us. We will send it to you by email and if you have questions, give us a call.

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What Do We Do?

Web Design & Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to advertising done through computers and other digital media. This, of course, includes tablets and smartphones, which are bombarding you daily with ads every time you check your FaceBook or even search for a local restaurant for dinner tonight. 

Remember billboards? Giant signs along the highways that you still see today but will likely soon be a thing of the past. Why? Because most passengers in vehicles are no longer staring out the window – they are staring at their iPhone.  Drivers are on the phone 88% of the journey. And the main thing advertising needs — your eyeballs. 

Why do you hire a web designer to build your business’ website? Your website should appear professional and follow current design trends.  It should be built with search engine optimization rules in mind, so its function – as your modern-day billboard – is working from day one.  And it should work hand in hand with your social media advertising and even your non-digital marketing. Because everything will link back to your website.

Rosland Row will work with you to design and build your website or update your existing site. We offer logo design and branding, as well as content and copy services.  Our websites are launched optimized for SEO and we offer monthly maintenance plans to keep your site’s traffic growing.  

What We Do Rosland Row Web Design

Imagine what YOU can do.

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The key to success: solid customer service.

Web Design & Digital Marketing Services

Be as involved in the process as you like. We provide you with a functional temporary link that will show the progress being made on your site. Let us know if you don't like something or have a change.

Our site review was very informative and told us it was time to make some changes. We overhauled our website and have seen a 34% increase in our traffic in the last month.
Ramon Smith
Our new website is a breath of fresh air. Well done!
Simon Wilkins
Thank you guys for understanding the goals I had and putting them right there in front of me. Looks great!
Colin Pullman

Our story

About Rosland Row

Rosland Row was founded in the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic.  Confined to the house, I started working on a website for a friend. Quite some time had passed since I had last built a website but all I had was time.

When I signed my first client followed by two more in rapid succession, I realized I had discovered my employment while working on my Master’s degree.  

The Gulf Coast of Mississippi and the areas beyond are in need of affordable, quality websites incorporating current design trends.  So here we are – web design and digital marketing services.

Alex Santos Rosen
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We build client relationships to last forever.

Reimagining brand identities and business model approaches.

Web Design & Digital Marketing Services

We value your business.  Your digital marketing needs will continue as your business grows and we hope to be your partner.  We do not believe in aggressive sales techniques and will never overwhelm current or potential clients with sales emails or cold calls.  

We present our abilities and let you decide.  When comparing us to the competition, have you visited their website? Have you looked at some of their work? Check our blogs on design fails and make sure your site won’t be one of them.


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