Professional Website Design Service

If a potential customer or client were to Google your business, what would they find?  Do you have a website with clear contact information? Your business needs an online presence for legitimacy.  And a Facebook page is not an alternative to a website!

Rosland Row is a full-service professional website design service and web development and web design company with offices in Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida. We specialize in small-and medium-sized businesses on the Gulf Coast and beyond. We are certified web designers and certified web developers with advanced-level skillsets in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and related applications.  If you want a professionally designed website for your business, you have come to the right place. Rosland Row web designers are certified and experienced.  We do not use templates or site builder programs and we design your site custom for you.  And we build whatever customizations are needed for your business.

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Digital marketing is crucial for success in today’s technology-centered world.  A well-designed website with targeted SEO and analytics monitoring can substantially increase revenue. Don’t feel like you are getting much from your current website? Let us perform a site audit and locate the problem, free of charge. Call today at (228) 365-5923.

Web Designer Services

Web Designer

Your business website should reflect the character and image you want your business to project. We work with you to develop a design concept and layout that will best present your business to the world. We don’t use pre-made themes and layouts – web designer builds from the ground up.

Web Development

Web development covers a massive range of solutions, most of which are customized to the client’s needs. We offer web application development, cybersecurity, testing, maintenance, consultancy, UI/UX design. We can manage your front-end and back-end website needs from start to finish.

SEO Management

Search engine optimization plays a huge role in growing your business online and making your website work for you. 93% of global traffic comes from Google searches, Google Images and Maps – SEO drives over 1000% more traffic than social media. We take your SEO seriously. So should you!

Blockchain Integration

Our team has built and developed websites for companies linked to the blockchain and marketing new cryptocurrency coins. We build the applications you need using React and Web3, fully integrating these technologies within your website to get your coin offering off the ground.

E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce websites are created for businesses seeking to sell their products online and collect payment digitally.  E-commerce sites can range in size from a small mom-and-pop store with a few items to sites like eBay and Amazon.  We build ecommerce sites and keep your shop running.

Website Maintenance

Websites should be seen as a living part of your business. They must be maintained, updated and secured and new content should be added regularly to enjoy ideal SEO.  We offer maintenance packages to our clients with varying levels of maintenance to ensure your site is cared for.

Our Objectives

Our professional website design service is built upon developing successful, results-driven websites. Every day, we continue honing our skills and working to improve even after launching hundreds of websites. We will bring multiple creative and developmental experts together to make an all-encompassing solution that satisfies all of your business objectives. Today’s constantly changing digital landscape requires websites built with scalable, agile, and adaptable technologies. Our developers build mobile apps and websites that endure and excel within the digital industry.  Your website is an investment in your brand’s future and we take that seriously. Your success is our success and we want to be involved every step of the way.

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A Word About Cost and Pricing

You may have been searching the web for the cost of building a website or the total price for a business website.  More than likely, you did not find any websites that displayed the cost of their services or building your website.  This is because it is extremely difficult to give an un-researched estimate given the fact that all websites are unique with different features and consequently costs can vary widely. Aside from that, customers are often unaware of the technologies and software required for various parts of their website to function and thus overlook it when asking about prices.

One site we found provides a free web design and website building calculator.  Running it for a simple, ten-page website with no e-commerce element, no member-logins, and minimal add-ons came back at over $10,000.  An e-commerce based site soared past $20,000.  At Rosland Row, we have never had a non-e-commerce site come close to $10,000.  

We encourage our clients to consider the cost of not having a website and the revenue increase the website will likely bring in.  For most clients, even one or two new customers cover the cost of the website.  Anything beyond that is profit they would not have had without a custom-built website.

We understand the costs of building a new website for a small business just getting started can be overwhelming.  For this reason, Rosland Row offers monthly payment plans and financing options for new clients.  Ask about this option when contacting us for a proposal for your small business web design service!

Website Services

Rosland Row LLC is a full service professional website design service, web design company and web development company for Gulfport, Biloxi, Mobile, New Orleans, Pensacola and throughout the Gulf Coast.  We provide website security and website maintenance, SEO management and social media marketing and integration.  Rosland Row is the only web design business offering blockchain integration and web3 based websites. 

Our websites feature hosting plans through Hostgator, Namecheap and Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Check out our affiliate, Clear Chain Life, to learn about the most exciting cryptocurrency out there backing the most revolutionary change to insurance in a century.